Jan 21, 2021, 13:00 PM

George Afonczenko
Author: George Afonczenko
Customer & Market Development Leader

The Bundoora Park Flood Mitigation project undertaken by Citywide is in response to recent significant rainfall events at the park and surrounding streets. 

Construction of a new swale drain among other civil works, will cater for a 1% (1 in 100 year) rainfall event. Redirecting stormwater through the park will decrease the flood risk for neighbouring residents and improve overall wellbeing for the environment. 

The project intends to increase the flood detention capacity of the parks south-east corner by 2.5 times with a further  aim to cater for predicted increased rainfall intensities resulting from climate change into the future. 

Other components of this project include new & modification of existing stormwater pits, pipes, culverts and end walls. 

The commencement of the project involved surveying the site, setting out levels, isolating the work zone through temporary fencing and stakeholder engagement. 

The initial phase of the project already completed is the bulk excavation of 1,500 cubic metres of earthworks including reuse of reclaimed soil to support sustainability. 

The next adjoining phase to the swale drain is the installation of the box culverts which will enable a water capacity flow rate of 3,050 litres per second. 

Electronic service locating and NDD works has been undertaken to identify and lower existing underground gas & electricity services to enable installation of box culvert drains. Interestingly finding a water main not identified in the design was a key benefit through non-destructive digging.

New concrete footpaths, crossings, asphalt works, retaining walls, fencing, steel posts and concrete sleepers are amongst the civil works required to complete the project. 

At project completion the flood detention capacity will be increased from 4 mega litres to approximately 11 mega litres.

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