Oct 31, 2018, 16:00 PM

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Waterlily Park was undergoing a restoration and with works being completed around the playground, car parks, pedestrian and cycle paths, the condition of the lake was still the subject of many complaints by residents.

The weed Salvinia had overrun the lake and was an eyesore to park users. 

Salvinia molesta can form dense vegetation mats that reduces water-flow and lowers light and oxygen levels in the water. This stagnant dark environment negatively affects the biodiversity and abundance of freshwater species, including fish and submerged aquatic plants. Salvinia can alter wetland ecosystems and cause wetland habitat loss.

Technigro undertook the job using our Tigercat Aquatic Weed Harvester and successfully removed in excess of 100 tonnes of weed from the lake.

Council were extremely happy with the result and the work of the Technigro crew, with this innovative piece of equipment.

Story by Nikki Carden

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