Aug 8, 2021, 14:00 PM

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Timea Egan
Senior Bid Leader

Citywide’s’ Traffic & Events Management team has worked on civil projects in the City of Melbourne for over two decades, building a reputation for integrated service delivery capability.

Due to inclement weather, unforeseen circumstances and other ‘interesting’ occurrences, emergency callouts have become more frequent, as the team discovered on one particular incident.

“Events are fun, but I love the challenge of the emergency jobs," says Adrian Brancatella, Traffic Controller. 

“All of our jobs are planned and organised in advance, but when Penny gets a call from the Police to say there is a sinkhole in Collins Street, you guys need to get down there, we move like you wouldn’t believe."

Penny Pananis, Traffic and Events Manager, or the ‘Conductor of the symphony’ , as Adrian calls her, has a great relationship with all emergency services, road authorities and client stakeholders, which stems from the team’s great reputation earnt through professionalism, responsiveness and reliability on all projects.

“That sinkhole event was interesting," says Adrian.

"It’s not often a big hole just appears in the road out of nowhere.

"As usual, we were first on the site, made the area safe for pedestrians and directed the traffic elsewhere. The civil guys then arrived and fixed it all up.

"I like that we can work together with the civil team to resolve issues. Whether it’s working at events or doing roadworks, our job is to remove the risk and keep the public safe.  I like having that responsibility”."


A cohesive unit

That passion resonates throughout the 85-strong team members, who despite varying ages and backgrounds, all share common values of respect, care and responsibility.

They enjoy working together, and embrace each project one challenge at a time.  Be it a complex road project, a high profile event or a community attendance, the key to the team’s success is stakeholder engagement, extensive planning and keeping the residents and businesses informed to maximise safety, minimise delays, and keep traffic moving.

“Our team and workload has grown so much in the two years I’ve been here. … we used to have 6-8 jobs on per day now it’s more like 15-20,” says Adrian.

Thanks to advancements in technology, scheduling runs like a well-oiled machine.

Full time Schedulers monitor a dedicated email inbox and book staff for jobs.  Daily tasks are allocated to personnel via Traffio, a mobile phone app. Jobs are easily tracked, safety work methods adhered to and reporting simplified.

 “I love it, no two days are the same. I love the challenges and the variety,” Adrian says.

"In the new COVID-normal world, the team has had to adopt new safety practices which include sanitising, wearing masks and temperature checks prior to heading off to site for the day.  It’s all part of keeping each other and the public safe."

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