Jan 14, 2020

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NDD (Non-Destructive Digging)

Non-destructive digging uses water and suction to precisely locate underground services, such as telecommunications, water and utility lines.

It is a valuable service that empowers commercial, government and municipal organisations to make more informed decisions before committing to underground works programs.

“For example, one water authority sought to proof their old service running beneath JJ Holland Park in Kensington, a service that was put in in the 1960s,” explains Operations Leader Jarrod Crosby.

“They in conjunction with the City of Melbourne wanted to know exactly where their service was because their old plans didn’t show the location of the water asset.

“We had a rough idea of where it was. Ultimately we used hydro-excavation or non-destructive digging to establish the precise location of the water service.”

Once that service line was proven in multiple locations, the water authority in conjunction with the local council could then make plans to move that service or upgrade it.



GPT cleaning involves the clearing of debris from storm water drains, helping to protect public waterways.

It is another illustration of the types of service the versatile Eductor truck fleet provide.

“We go into a storm water pit and we need to clear debris from it because there’s a blockage in there,” Crosby explains.

“Inevitably, we’ll get some organic waste along with normal storm water that is sucked out by the hydro-vacuum.

“What will happen is we’ll go to a normal roadside storm water drain after cleaning and we’ll de-water into that roadside drain.

“It is essentially just rainwater or run-off from roads, so it’s completely safe to go back into the storm water system where it’s come from but without the debris and organic waste that is sucked up by the hydro-vacuum."

That organic waste is then taken to a resource recovery centre, a waste transfer station or other tipping site, deposited and allowed to dry out before being sorted through and turned into recycled organic product with any remaining organic material sent to landfill.

Further information:

To learn more about this service, contact Operations Manager Abs Ramen on 0437 251 586 or contact us online: https://www.citywide.com.au/services/civil-services/civil-maintenance/drainage-ndd#


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